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North Atlanta Sprinkler Repairs & Installation

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Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta is a BBB Accredited Irrigation Consultant in Suwanee, GA

“Previous excavation had made my irrigation system a mess. Conserva Irrigation found the broken wire in a workmanlike manner. Most impressive. Unhesitatingly recommend them.” – Mark C., Cumming, GA

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Call 678-671-2020 now for sprinkler repairs, large and small.

Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta is the number one choice for professional, quality and top of the line commercial and residential irrigation system installation and repairs. We serve all of North Atlanta including Suwanee, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Milton.

We started with a mission to bring innovation and efficiency to the irrigation and sprinkler industry and have grown to include much-needed professionalism. We found the irrigation industry to be lacking in the responsiveness, appearance, and behavior of technicians, so we included it as one of our top priorities.

We have developed three core principles to guide our business in everything we do, Professionalism, Innovation, and Responsibility. What that means to you:

  1. We will show up on time.
  2. We will look professional.
  3. We will behave in a professional manner, listen to your concerns and stay until you are satisfied.
  4. We will always tell you if your system could be more efficient than it is and provide you with a flat rate quote to fix and/or upgrade it.
  5. We will continue to work with the most innovative parts made by top quality water conserving sprinkler manufacturers such as Toro®; bringing you the latest in irrigation technology for the most efficient sprinkler systems in North Atlanta.

Don’t trust important, technical irrigation and sprinkler repairs or service to the guy who mows your lawn. At Conserva Irrigation, sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair is all we do. We are dedicated to top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Our focus on efficiency will save you money and conserve water, a win-win no matter what your priorities.

If you’re ready for the focused, professional and technical expertise of an irrigation specialist to handle the essential task of installing, servicing, and repairing your irrigation system, consider Conserva Irrigation as the best option. Unbundle your lawn services today, by calling Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta at (678) 671-2020.

Looking for Sprinkler Repairs Near Me?

We are your best local choice for all irrigation repairs and sprinkler repairs! Not sure if “near me” applies to you? Check out our service areas.

Is your irrigation system ready for dry weather conditions? Is your lawn suffering brown spots or mucky, muddy, and saturated areas that won’t dry out? Do you have a geyser from a broken sprinkler head? Or maybe your rain sensor is not working and you keep finding your system running during the rain? Whatever the issue might be, whether it is an emergency sprinkler repair need, maintenance, or a general system adjustment, we are your best choice for North Atlanta irrigation system repair. The most common lawn sprinkler repairs and adjustments include but are not limited to:

  • Sprinkler head repair
  • Sprinkler line repair
  • Sprinkler valve repair
  • Drip irrigation repair
  • Irrigation controller repair, reprogramming or replacement
  • Sprinkler head alignments/adjustments

While on site, we offer a free sprinkler system inspection that will leave you with a System Efficiency Score. Our highly trained technicians will look at every sprinkler head, use air to diagnose potential hidden underground sprinkler leaks, test every zone, and evaluate controllers, sensors, and programming for potential water waste. You’ll receive a rating from 1-100 for efficiency, a list of needed repairs, a list of potential upgrades and a flat rate quote for doing the work.

North Atlanta Sprinkler Installation

Don’t trust your irrigation services to the same guy who mows and fertilizes your lawn. Irrigation technology is changing fast to keep up with the growing demand for smart irrigation. Smart irrigation is essential to efficiently water your lawn and garden, using as little water as possible. With Lake Lanier at record low levels and droughts becoming the norm, instead of the exception, the need for water conservation will continue.

The highly technical expertise it takes to design, install and maintain a North Atlanta sprinkler system that is something that should be left to the experts. At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, irrigation systems are all we do. From installation to service, maintenance, and repairs our sole focus is efficient irrigation for all of North Atlanta. With help from Toro, the sprinkler innovation experts, our irrigation systems on average use 30-60% less water than most other systems, making them the most drought friendly systems available. Imagine if we can lower the water use for most of the North Atlanta area – we could potentially avoid all-out water bans during periods of drought. Keeping everyone’s lawn and garden green and alive for the long-term.

To achieve this task we offer a variety of irrigation options and equipment, including but not limited to drip irrigation installation, smart irrigation controllers, top of the line timers, soil sensors, rain sensors, and the most efficient valves and other parts by Toro, the world leader in innovative irrigation. Call today (678) 671-2020. to learn more about sprinkler system installations by Conserva Irrigation.

Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta offers sprinkler installation, service, and repairs to all of North Atlanta including the following communities:
Johns Creek
Sugar Hill
Sandy Springs
Peachtree Corners

*Not all areas may be serviced at this time.

Our Services

Less water. More savings. Healthy landscape.

At Conserva Irrigation, sprinklers and irrigation are our focus, our specialty; they are all we do. By using our five-step process we’ll keep your North Atlanta sprinkler system running at peak performance year after year and all year long. That means a system that uses only the water your lawn and landscape need, avoiding runoff and over saturation, leaks and geysers so you can do your part for water conservation and keep your water bill at a reasonable level.


In Atlanta's summer heat, your sprinkler system is going to be working hard. We offer a comprehensive inspection and summerization process to make sure it is in tip-top shape before the dry season. We will program your controller for the heat and sun, we will test sensors and run an efficiency inspection, and get you up and running. This service is included in all of our residential and commercial maintenance packages.

Mid-Season Inspection

Our mid-season inspection services help you maintain your lawn and garden, no matter how extreme conditions become. We flag all problem areas and make the necessary adjustments zone by zone throughout your property.


Winter is hard on sprinkler systems. We offer winterization services that include inspecting all heads, turning off the water and controller, clearing water out of all lines, winterizing the vacuum breaker and completing a system report.This will help lower your risk for breaks and splits from freezing water.

Installation Services

We are proud partners of Toro. This allows us to bring you the latest water conservation technologies straight to you. Our sprinkler systems are custom designed. We take into account precipitation rates, soil type, percolation rates, slopes, and sun exposure to create an efficient and effective sprinkler system design. With an irrigation system customized by Conserva, you’ll use 40-60% less water and enjoy a greener, lusher lawn!


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Your guy was top notch. Google review has been left. If you ever need a referral feel free to use me.

Dennis did a great job. He was really helpful and walked me thru everything. He seems to really be knowledgable and was very professional.

Team was professional and timely. Great work all the way around from the time I called to schedule until the work was complete.

Great company with excellent employees!

Corey and Jason were both courteous and professional.

Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta is a BBB Accredited Irrigation Consultant in Suwanee, GA

License # LVG105451

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